Application Technology Service



The company has a number of mature application of technology, tools and services over the past 20 years more than 12,000 well, the efficiency of more than 98%, 0 tools! Creating a series of unmanaged layer by layer hierarchical fracturing precedent; created a horizontal well a string drag 14 fracturing, fracturing the maximum pressure 117MPa and a number of influential construction records.

A. Two-stage Drag Jet Separate-layer Fracturing Technology

Bottom Packer Drag Jet Separate-layer Fracturing Technology

fracture without moving string


  • Create a non-stop layer by layer hierarchical fracturing precedent;
  • Create a fixed column fracturing stratified spray, sand integrated technology;
  • Create a number of layers of the mandatory string unwinding concept.

Construction record

  • Multi-level fracturing tools down to the maximum depth: 6500m;
  • Multi-level fracturing monolayer maximum sand content: 118.5m³;
  • Multi-level fracturing construction maximum pressure: 117MPa;
  • Multi-level fracturing maximum diameter: 210mm, minimum diameter: 77mm;
  • 5 1/2 “hole to achieve fixed column stratified fracturing 8;
  • 5 1/2 “borehole, 27/8″ Tubing Fractional fracturing Maximum tubing displacement: 9m³ / min;
  • A string of horizontal wells drag 14 fracturing.

The main application of technology

  • Stratified fracturing, acid technology column technology;
  • Intelligent layered dispensing technology;
  • Stratified production tubing technology;
  • Permanent intubation plugging technology;
  • Negative pressure acidification back row technology;
  • Hydraulic jet fracturing technology;
  • Three pipe dispensing column technology;
  • Horizontal Well Double Seal Single Card Tubing Driven Fracturing Technology.