Terves offers a family of proprietary and patented dissolvable alloys, TervAlloy™, that provide reliable dissolution rate at a variety of temperatures and pressures. Fresh water or brine or acid; slow or delayed or fast dissolution; low or high strength; low or high temperatures, low or high ductility – we offer a variety of products to meet your needs.

In its quest to be the first company to enable and provide a fully dissolvable frac plug, Terves has also developed dissolvable polymers, Elementum™, and super high-strength dissolvable metal matrix composites, TervAlloy MMC™, that enable Terves to be the only company to offer materials to make a fully dissolvable plug.

Terves has also developed a family of proprietary coatings, Response Coatings™, that delay dissolution of TervAlloy™ products to eliminate the possibility of premature dissolution while enabling longer laterals and protecting the TervAlloy™ dissolvable material from any acids or chemicals prior to perforation. And, to eliminate the uncertainty regarding dissolution of tools, Terves has developed DissolvAssure™ which incorporates RFID tags and Tracers in dissolvable tools and are released when the tool has dissolved completely, these RFID tags and Tracers are then caught in the flowback to ensure full dissolution of the tool.

Terves also provides a range of testing services and technical support, including but not limited to:

Dissolution testing – samples to full plugs
Pressure/plug testing
Frac ball and seat testing